Mobile App Solutions

With 5hrs avg/day being spent on mobile devices. Focusing on each aspect of usability and design as well as the tech to build it will increase the value companies provide to their customers.

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AI Integrations

A lot of companies have tons and tons of data. But they aren't sure how to go about sorting through that data. We use AI algorithms to sort through and identify micro and macro trends in different data types. As well as visualization

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User Interface & User Experience Design

Good design is becoming increasingly important. We focus on every single design aspect and are constantly improving our thorough process through adding more research aspects.

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Custom Dashboards & SaaS Solutions

We conceptualize, design and develop end-to-end web applications for businesses to help with analytics, reporting, data management, and data visualization. As well as scalable Saas solutions for internal or external use.

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Our Belief

We believe businesses are just as unique as we are as people. Each company, product, and service comes with it’s own personality. We believe these “personalities” are what drives us as consumers to do or not do business with a company. At Contempo, we design websites, mobile apps and web-apps to match and create that personality of these businesses, products, and services on the internet. And we build these designs using the best technologies available in today’s fast changing landscape. This gives our clients the ability to deliver the best possible user experience to their customers.

Our Specialties

Web Applications

Create a custom dashboard to monitor your sales activity, a custom CRM and much more with the power of dynamic web-applications.

Mobile App Development

Our custom agile app development process will allow to you quickly validate your idea, develop it, and move it to market finding early adopters, as well as scaling.

Artificial Intelligence

Using different AI algorithms and libraries to sort through data and create different solutions through predictive analytics, image recognition and much more

Ui/Ux Design

User Interface & User Experience, the sites overall usability & appeal to users is our focus in creating high converting websites and apps.

E-Commerce Websites

Our in-depth research strategy allows us to create the most unique online shopping experiences. Whether you're selling products, managing subscriptions or accepting online-orders.

Custom Software

Creating new, innovative solutions using the best software available. Giving competitive advantages to our clients in todays quickly changing marketplace.


Create powerful and state of the art software to help you leverage and give your company a competitive advantage in your industry.

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Designing and developing unique mobile application solutions on iPhones & Androids to help ease work flows. Internally or Externally

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Increase time spent on devices by designing a unique custom experience based off of the user research of your target market and end users.

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Why We're Different

Distinction By Design

Our design team’s obsession with User Interface & User Experience is constantly leading us to discover and identify macro trends which help us create a more unique identity for each of our client’s businesses.

Our Process

Our Agile 6-Step processed was designed to build quality software products on-time and at or under budget. We've gone through each aspect and have created in-depth phases to create the most unique project experience

Passion For Business

Our understanding of business gives us an edge. Our process is designed in such a unique way, it allows us to learn about your business deep enough on a level to create the best solution for your target audience.

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